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Training Sessions Include a Variety of Options on Topics Including:


  • Implicit Bias: Addressing Isms Head-on

  • Bridge Building Youth Enrichment

  • Black Women's Empowerment Courses 

  • Special Topics

College Courses 

Below is a snapshot of courses I taught at Samford University. It also includes classes I formerly taught at UAB, Wallace State Community College, Wayne State University, and Miles College. It is also important to note that some of these courses featured on this page are a hybrid -meaning that they meet partly online and also require traditional in-class participation. For more information, click on the links below for a brief description of some of some of them. Lastly, the syllabus for my AAS 200 course is included for your viewing.


Courses Include:

JMC 402 Applied Communication Resource

CA 103 Communication Arts

AAS  200 Intro to African American Studies


COM 310 Introduction to Mass Media

COM 340 Advertising

COM 350 Public Relations

COM 455 Media Research Methods 

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